Creonte Arcos

Creonte Arcos handcrafted produces bows of violin, cello, viola, contrabass and baroque bows, since the beginning in 2011, love for the craft has strengthened this work. The creation of each bow has been a unique task and with a special attention.

Years of experience has made the bows produced bring admiration to their owners for the quality of sound, lightness and durability.

Today Creonte Arcos has its arches around the world, in the hands of great musicians.


Musicians who play our bows.


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Where to find our bows

Luthier Ezequiel Carvalho

Rua do comerciarios nº336 Centro, Goiânia - GO
FONES: 62 3536-4328 / 9909-1325 / 8250-5592

Luteria Cardoso

Rua Argeniro Luiz de Deus, Qd. 41, Lt. 06
Residencial vale dos Sonhos, Goiânia - GO
FONES: 62 3264-7267 / 8164-9328 / 9264-8049 / 8565-5751


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Fale Conosco


  • Fixo:55 62.3255-1764
  • Tim:55 62.98150 3513 (whatsapp)
  • Tim:55 62.98169-4371
  • Claro:55 62.99186-5062 (whatsapp)